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Photos of the London Nocturne 2013 bike races in central London

There was glorious sunshine, Penny Farthings hurtling around the track, folding bike races and some top notch professional  cyclists to be seen at the 2013 London Nocturne – plus the Mrs Mills Experience onstage!

Nattily attired cyclist gets ready for the folding bike challenge.

A penguin type thing.

The crowd were lively all afternoon.

Scrambling over the obstacles.

Spectators enjoying the sunshine..

Mrs Mills Experience onstage.

One man, several hats.

I didn’t quite get the point of this: this bloke played ‘electronic’ congas over a house mix.

Warming up for the race.

Inside Smithfield market where cyclists prepared for their races.

Ready for the starting gun.

A winner celebrates in traditional fashion.

More champagne!

The Penny Farthing race is on!

Battling for first place.

Another champagne burst.

Lining up for the folding bike final.

And they’re off!

Riders for the elite women criterium at the starting line.

Warming up.

The last race of the night.

Taking a corner.

Curious little electronic bike.

Read more about the event on the official Nocturne site.

Additional photos © Em Mosley and Ben Harding.