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London street scenes – tourist tack, horse-drawn bus, photo exhibitions and the first Christmas tree, Nov 2015

Here’s a selection of street shots taken around central London late yesterday afternoon. For those who like to know these kind of things, the photos were taken with a three year old Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera with a 17mm f1.8 lens in aperture priority mode.

I’ve always been a big supporter of the Photographers’ Gallery, but I’ve not a big fan of their new, multi-level premises in Ramillies Street, near Oxford Circus.

Originally set across two buildings in Great Newport Street, the gallery moved in 2008, and immediately lost a lot of its appeal when the long-serving Billy and his popular cafe staff were unceremoniously hoiked out of the building and replaced by something far more corporate.

My heart sank a little further yesterday when I realised that they’ve now introduced a compulsory £3 admission charge after noon every day.

At least the downstairs bookstore is still free, and there’s usually an interesting small exhibition going on in the print room.

Broken sign.

A short walk away from the Photographers’ Gallery at 46 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DX, is the rather splendid Getty Gallery which is always worth a visit. As ever, there was some great work on show

Running till 28th Nov is the Renaissance Photography Prize 2015.

Christmas is coming soon, so it must be time to stock up on the Party Shirts.

Understated decorations on Oxford Street, thankfully free from the awful corporate branding seen three years ago.

Air con units.

Ramillies Street.

Oxford Street is stuffed full of vendors selling tourist tack. This football themed one has been here for years.

Crossrail work.

London t-shirts galore.

Buying London souvenirs.

Street cleaner revs up his space-age steed.

British Museum at night.

I was delighted to see this horse drawn bus slowly making progress on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Shiny glass and steel at the overwhelmingly soulless Central Saint Giles Piazza.

Smiley face on phone box, St Giles High Street.

The musicians’ Mecca of instrument shops, Denmark Street (aka Tin Pan Alley), still lives on although under increasing pressure from developers. Tragically, the life was crushed out of the wonderful 12 Bar last year.

Drum stores replaced by heritage tomatoes.

Crossing Oxford Street.

Evening Standard and umbrella, Tottenham Court Road.

A Christmas tree. Already. In the middle of November. Just wrong.

Phone repairers’ booth.

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