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Long Live Southbank campaign fights to keep Southbank Undercroft skate park

For over forty years, skateboarders, BMX riders and graffiti artists have used the empty space known as the Southbank Undercroft to practise their art, socialise and show off their skills.

[A group of girls hanging out at the Undercroft, Sat 28th Sept 2013]

Despite it being the oldest recognised and still existing skateboarding space in the world, a proposed £120 million redevelopment would see the skate park being turned into retail units, with the park relocated further down the river, beneath the Hungerford Bridge.

[Southbank skate park, 15 April 2007]

[Campaigners collecting signatures, Sat 28th Sept 2013]

A campaign group called Long Live Southbank, has been set up to protect the Undercroft in its current form, arguing that the cultural and historical status of the skate park is “irreplaceable,” and that “its unique architecture and the vitality of the thriving community should be present for future generations.”

[Southbank skate park, 15 April 2007]

The campaign website explains their aims:

Our campaign, Long Live Southbank, is dedicated to protecting the Undercroft, as it is in its current form. We encourage this because we believe its cultural and historical status to be irreplaceable and that its unique architecture and the vitality of the thriving community should be present for future generations.

Long Live Southbank, are now represented by legal firm SJ Berwin, with whom we’re currently launching an application to protect the undercroft as a village green space under the Commons Act 2006, which would declare the undercroft as a registered significant cultural site of great importance which would allow its current form to be preserved and continue its legacy.

Long Live Southbank is committed to the protection of the Undercroft that has given birth to a rare artistic creativity and community, which continues to flourish. Join the Long Live Southbank campaign, support culture over commerce and community over capital in the Undercroft.

[Southbank skate park, 18 Nov 2006]

Please ignore the idiotic words of Billy Bragg on this issue, and lend your support to this campaign: www.llsb.com/

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Here’s a video with undercroft community figure Biko Issah reporting on the outcome of the Southbank Centre’s Festival Wing “Open Forum” meeting.