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Lost Brixton: Brixton Station Road market and John’s Cafe

Back in 2000, the only “vintage” clothes you could buy in central Brixton were of the old fashioned, second hand, cheap-as-chips variety, with a bustling Brixton Station Road market being the most popular shopping destination for thrifty shoppers.

Mainly selling clothes, the street market used to stretch almost  all the way up to Valentia Place, and amongst all the terylene track suits and nylon suits, there were some bargains to be found.


The market was busy enough to support its own cafe, John’s Cafe at 53 Brixton Station Road, but by November 2000 it had closed for good.

It’s hard to imagine how busy the old street market used to be, but here’s a typical scene.

End of the day at the market.

(Talking of vintage clothes, can anyone remember the big American second hand clothes store that opened up briefly on ColdharbourLane?)

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