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Lower Manhattan, Soho and East Village and a dangling pretzel – ten New York street photos

Here’s a selection of ten photos I took around Lower Manhattan during my recent visit to New York.

Most of the photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D camera and a rather splendid 75mm f1.8 lens I’d just purchased.

Above you can see a pretzel dangling artistically from a street vendor’s stall near Grand Street.

Another street vendor takes it nice and easy during a lull in business.

The neon sign of the famous Fanelli’s Cafe on Prince Street, which has been in business since 1847 and claims to be “the second oldest continuous food and drink establishment on the same site in New York.”

Street booksellers.

East Village mosaic.

Battered old phone box.


The city has now has its own ‘Boris Bike‘ cycle hire scheme – and some New Yorkers are determined to use them no matter how bad the weather gets.


Street signs by Grand Street.

Taking the dog for a walk.