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March 26th: March Against The Cuts, Kennington Park, 11am

The 26th March, 2011 will see Trade Unions, Pensioners’ groups, Unemployed organisations, students and local residents, march against the cuts and in defence of public services.

Meet at 11am

South London will be assembling at Kennington Park, to cross the river together to join the main demonstration through Central London.

The march is supported by: Lambeth TUC, Southwark TUC, Lambeth SOS, Southwark SOS, Wandsworth Against the Cuts, Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance, Latin American Coalition Against the Cuts, Goldsmiths Students’ Union, Defend Southbank Defend Education, Lambeth and Lewisham Right to Work.

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and kettling-permitting, we’ll be having a free after-party at the Prince Albert in Brixton. All are invited!