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More photos from the most wonderful Boomtown Fair of 2014

Here’s the first of two more photo features showing off the sights at this year’s fabulous Boomtown Fair. I hope you enjoy them!

Happily, there seemed to be a lot less k causalities stumbling around the site as the previous year.

Walking around the Very Big Fence trying to find the crew entrance.

Thursday night at Boomtown before the weekend crowds.

Helter Skelter, 4am.

To the tent!

The place for posh folks on the hill.

The Lee Thompson band (aka that bloke out of Madness).

The crowd for the Wailers at the Lioj’s Den was massive.  Too bloody massive, truth be told.

Bongo bashing.

Heading downtown.

Laptop DJ with a splendid hat.

The town square.

Skateboard fail.

In the woods.

Jack the Clipper.

Romance in the wood.

The Jolly Dodger stage was a thing of wonder. It must have taken an incredible amount of work.

Postal Posse.

Tug o’ War.

His Royal Highness.

Spacehopper race.

Disaster! The heavens opened on Friday afternoon and the rains came down heavy and hard. And it went on for hours.

I retreated to my tiny tent to pamper life’s complexities as the rain thundered down.

Around midnight, the rain finally stopped and the drinking could resume.

There ewas a lot of mud around and I was fearing that the site may turn into a Glastonbury style quagmire.

Walking to the downtown area took some very careful manoeuvring.

Walking downtown.

A view over Boomtown at night.

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