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My favourite Berlin bar – Bar Mama, Hobrechtstraße 61 12047 Berlin

Berlin’s got some absolutely amazing bars, and although we were only there long enough to sample a mere handful, we felt right at home at Bar Mama in the Neukölln district as soon as stepped in.

There’s non-pasteurized Svijany Czech beer on tap, and it was a really good brew – and cheap too!

It’s a small, narrow bar, with a run down feel,  tatty décor and some knackered old chairs, but we found it comfortable enough. The bar stays open till late most nights (up to 5am).

The bar starts off quiet in the early evening and progressively gets busier and livelier as the night moves into the wee small hours.

The music was offbeat Balkan/Russian/African, but never so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself talk.

It was great watching the World Cup in the street outside.

The toilet/bathroom goes for a Lower East Side NYC look, with graffiti all over the walls.

It can get really busy on weekends, but the clientèle were fun and friendly, and the staff were lovely.

The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the fact the people can still smoke inside, so I went home every night whiffing of stale fags. Not so good.

But that’s a minor complaint. This is a great bar and one we’ll definitely be visiting again when we return to Berlin.

More info:

bar mama
Hobrechtstraße 61
12047 Berlin

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