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Offline Brixton Xmas show: Mrs Mills, Sleighed and the Great Bono Competition

It’s taken me an age to post up these photos, but boy oh boy did we have a big night at the Offline Christmas Show a couple of weeks back.

First up was the Mrs Mills Experience leading a hearty drunken singalong of old time music hall tunes.

Party hats were donned, and lyric sheets were handed out.

Compering the evening was Vic Lambrusco – it was great to have him back on an Offline bill!

Next up was the legendary Sleighed! playing a festive selection of Christmas hits.

Yes. We really did do a cover of E17s ‘Stay Another Day’ 🙂

The Bono-o-Meter, ready to register the efforts of locals as they battle to become Brixton’s Best Bono!

There were many fine efforts…

But the winner proved to be a cut above the rest!

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