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Offline DJ night, Friday 2nd Sept – some photos

We were offered a last minute DJ gig at the Brixton Prince Albert last night – and naturally couldn’t refuse (let’s face it, whenever the words, “do you want to DJ” and “there’ll be free beer” are combined, the answer is always going to be “Oh YES!”)

With DJ Bluestreak and my good self on the CD decks and the, err,  one turntable ( some bugger had gone off with the cartridge), we had a load of fun. I’d forgotten to put in the memory card on my camera too (doh!), so there’s only a handful of pics to show.

Six more pics here.

Next Offline club night is Friday 9th September with the amazing Roy De Roy playing live – they’re a festival-rocking Balkan ska band from Austria. Don’t miss ’em!

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