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Orbital Comics, Great Newport Street, London

It was a real shame when the Photographers’ Gallery moved from its site on Great Newport Street in central London, but I’m happy to say that the building has been put to good use.

The old gallery is now home to Orbital Comics – and here’s how they describe themselves:

Orbital Comics is probably the best comic shop in London!!! Since opening in 2001 the shop has grown to become the largest comic shop in London dedicated to back issues. The shop has a full range of mostly american comics from the 1950’s onwards. It specializes in back issues but has all the recent comics, graphic novels and related mechandise as well. The shop also has tons of independently published comics!

It’s great to see a comic shop in the heart of London.

Maybe this might help give me the almighty kick up the arse needed to get me to draw Issue #6 of my football comic, Bluebird Jones!