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Pae White spins out mesmerising yarn patterns at the South London Gallery, Camberwell, London

Running at the South London Gallery in south London until the 12th May 2103 is this mesmerising installation by Los Angeles-based artist Pae White, called ‘Too Much Night, Again.’

Merging craft, architecture,  art and design, the work spans the main gallery and involves hundreds of metres of coloured yarn criss-crossing the room.

The stretched yarn forms words on opposing walls, and walking between the letters can be a very disorientating experience.

The work was apparently inspired by a period of insomnia and “consequent reflection on the transience of our existence.”

Not sure I got all that, but I certainly enjoyed interacting with the work. Here’s some more pics:

Upstairs there was a short film which I have to say failed to grab me. Not sure if these kids would have made much sense of it either (at one point, it involved close-ups of skin eczema and then a boiling pan).

On the ground floor is the rather fabulous No67 Cafe. It’s certainly not the cheapest cafe in the area (£2.90 coffee, £5 for a sandwich), but the food was delicious and the coffee really excellent.

Entrance to the gallery, a “munificent” gift from John Passmore Edwards, a Cornish journalist, newspaper owner and philanthropist.

More info:

South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road
City of London
Website www.​southlondongallery.​org
Telephone 020 ​7703 ​6120

Cafe opening hours:

Mon Closed
Tue 8am-6.30pm
Wed – Fri 8am-11pm
Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-6.30pm