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Penarth Pier and the restored Pavilion in pictures, South Wales

Opening in 1895 in response to the growing popularity of the nearby beach and to service the lively ferry trade to Cardiff, Penarth Pier on the South Wales coast stands 50 feet (230 m) long.

After being sold to the council in 1929, a new concrete landing stage was built at the seaward end, followed by a delightful Art Deco pavilion at the shoreward end,

Used as a venue for traditional seaside entertainment and a concert hall, the building fell into disrepair over the years, but a 2009 Heritage Lottery Fund led to a £3.9m refurbishment scheme which is scheduled to be completed by September 2013.

The restoration will see the pavilion being used as a cinema, cafe, observatory and multi-purpose community complex.

Work looks near completion on the roof – it looks fabulous!

The main entrance to the pavilion from the shoreside.

A brass band was playing outside when we visited.

Looking along the pier.

In the summer months, the pleasure steamers PS Waverley and MV Balmoral regularly use the pier head pontoon.

I caught  a steamer trip from Penarth to Somerset a few years back and it was a lovely day out.

The pier is open all the year around, with license-free sea fishing from the pier head available (except in except June, July and August).

Looking out to Flatholm (Ynys Echni), from where Messrs Kemp and Marconi successfully transmitted the first ever wireless messages to go over the sea in 1897.

Flatholm and its neighbour, Steepholm (Ynys Rhonech).

Looking towards Cardiff Docks.

End of the pier.

On the beach.

The seafront buildings in the foreground have been flattened and will be rebuilt as Beachcliff luxury bespoke homes. Only the original towers will remain in the new build.

Some more pier views.

Storms gather at sea.

The buildings in the centre of the pier provide toilet facilities and two snack bars.

I bought a lovely Welsh cake there!

A postcard view of Penarth Pier around the turn of the last century.

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