Pete Doherty at Brixton JAMM

Pete Doherty at Brixton JAMM

Still hungover after our Friday night bash, Offline DJ regular nipsla and were asked to DJ the solo Pete Doherty show at Brixton JAMM on Saturday night. DJing? And free beer? We’re so there!

I’m not a big fan of the fella, and at times the excessive level of squeaking fandom was a bit much to bear, but there’s no denying that he’s a charismatic performer. I enjoyed his show.

Pete Doherty at Brixton JAMM

We DJd in a booth with a little red light, so it looked like we might also be plying for ‘trade’ and we encountered some fabulously wasted punters requesting songs during our set.

One woman attempted to describe her choice, “through the medium of expressive dance,” while another demanded Thin Lizzy and seemed a little surprised when I gleefully pulled out the ‘Bad Reputation’ album from my bag – so I then insisted that she danced to her selection like a proper rocker.

Which she then did, in a manner that suggested she may have imbibed something stronger than alcohol.

Top night!

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