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Philadelphia photos – street signs, railroad station, old car and cityscapes

Here’s a selection of 30-odd photos taken during a night and a day in Philadelphia. I’ve always enjoyed my short stays in the city.

Huge mural in a car park.

Lovely old Ford car.

It was a pleasure to meet this fella.

Look out!

Shop window display.

Some Philly toilets/bathrooms/washrooms are every bit as grubby as their NYC counterparts.

There’s a challenge!

Neon hamburger sign for Johnny Rockets.

Mirror mosaic. Read more about the artist here.

Go Muhammad Ali!

South Street.

Colonial architecture.

Old bank.

Cigar shop.

Lovely old sign.

Say Yes to Handmade. And why not!

Skyscraper view.

Maximum light on the bridge.


City view.

Looking into the city from the railroad station.

They’re not so good on timekeeping.

Waiting for the train.