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Photo of the day: Dior model in a dumpster, London

I liked this scene in Ramillies Street, London W1, showing a shop display of a lantern jawed male model unceremoniously dumped in a bin.

The new (and not as good) Photographer’s Gallery is also on Ramillies Street, which leads from Great Marlborough Street up to Oxford Street.

The northernmost part of this short road connects to Oxford Street via a flight of narrow stairs, with the adjacent area being a well-established makeshift toilet. Hold your nose as you go past as it’s usually extra-whiffy!

Here’s a bit of history about Ramillies Street, courtesy of British History Online.

Ramillies Place and Ramillies Street

The only other streets of any consequence in the eastern part of Millfield were those now known as Ramillies Place and Ramillies Street. The former was previously called either Marlborough Mews or Blenheim Mews, and was renamed Ramillies Place in 1910. Ramillies Street was formerly known as Blenheim Street and received its present name in 1885. (fn. 111)

The level of Ramillies Place and Street is a few feet lower than that of Oxford Street, to which direct access on foot is obtained by short flights of steps. This difference is probably partly natural, but may have been emphasized by the use of this part of Millfield for digging brick earth