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Photos from the Brixton Effra Social launch party – Tories, rock’n’roll and real ale

Last night, I went along to the opening night of the Effra Social, a new Brixton venue located almost next door to the popular Hootananny/Hobgoblin/George Canning music pub on Effra Road, a short walk out of central Brixton.

The Social is situated in the premises of the old Effra Conservative Club. It feels like you’re walking into a house, not a pub!

The old trophy cabinet by the entrance.

The corridor – painted Tory blue – is decorated with old paintings and club notices, and leads to the main function room at the back.

To the right is another bar that hasn’t opened up yet.

‘Er Majesty!

The dance hall interior looks more or less untouched since the 1970s and is all the better for it. And it has curtains!

There was a decent selection of real ales available.

Onstage was a mighty fine rockabilly band, Conrad & The Atomiks.

Note the old noticeboard at the back of the stage. I wonder what acts have had their names chalked on to that blackboard over the years!

It was busy all night and I liked the old school round tables.

With its traditional, no fuss looks, this venue could almost be designed for The Actionettes and the Mrs Mills Experience!

The bar has retained its original metal grilles adding to the authentic retro feel.

The DJ played to the right of the stage. You can see the full splendour of the 1970s wood finishes in this photo.

It reminded me of the old working men’s clubs I used to play in the Welsh valleys (but without the cans being thrown and constant demands for Tom Jones covers).

I loved the Effra Social – there was a good selection of ales on offer,  the location is fabuously out-of-time, and it’s great to see a new, unpretentious venue opening up up in Brixton. I’ll be back!

Another view of the corridor.

Bowls winners honoured.

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More info:

Effra Social, 89 Effra Road, Brixton, SW2 1DF
Tel: 020 7737 6800
The Effra Social on Facebook andon Twitter @effrasocial
Official website http://effrasocial.com/

Mon to Thur 16.00 – 00.00
Fri 16.00 – 01.00
Sat 12.00 – 01.00
Sun 12.00 – 23.00

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