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Photos of signs, slogans, stickers, graffiti and flags, New York

Here’s a selection of signs, slogans, stickers, graffiti and flags spotted on my recent travels around New York.

Most of the photos were shot around Brooklyn, although the above graffiti comes from the Jamaica Center subway station in Queens.

“Hello. My Name Is Moist.” And why not.  Union Ave, Brooklyn.

Sticker on road crossing sign.

Corrugated iron and graffiti, Williamsburg.

Posters and artwork, Bogart Street, Bushwick.

Padded lamp post, Williamsburg.

Hanging pretzel, Soho.

Bushwick graffiti.

By Williamsburg Bridge.

Handmade street billboard.

Pavement graffiti, Bushwick.

Around Bushwick.

I loved this piece of street art about overfishing.

Active driveway warning.

Dented emergency call box.

US flags on car aerial, Broadway, Bushwick.

Godsquad hashtags.

A request to the delivery man.

Stickers on shuutters.

Case found in Williamsburg.

‘More Samba, Less War,” Williamsburg.

Ingenious use of a clingfilm canvas.

Bedford Avenue Subway.

Heraldic graffiti.

Bit of a strange one, this. Bushwick.


Metal flags, Bushwick.