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Photos of the snow-covered deserted streets of New York in the wake of Winter Storm Juno

The predicted Biblical winter storms never arrived, but a deathly hush descended over New York today as the streets lay empty under a covering of snow.

[This photo and above: 12th and Avenue B looking west to Avenue A]

Such was the build up to Winter Storm Juno that a transport ban was implemented and residents advised to stay inside – but the expected city-stopping covering of snow never appeared.

Our resident NYC snapper was out on the streets and sent us these photos taken around the Lower East Side and uptown around Radio City.

Next two are Avenue A looking south and Avenue A looking North.

The bastard in the green jeep (heading towards the camera) went through a red light and almost ran me over. What part of the streets are closed to traffic did he not understand? Frat boy douche.

Nowhere, an LGBT bar on 14th street near Second Avenue

Second Avenue and 14th looking south. No matter the weather there is always steam pumping out from somewhere.

Second Avenue looking north

Second Avenue looking east ConEdison steam towers in the distance.

Snowplow heading east in Second Avenue. The white building is ConEdison Headquarters at Union Square

Union Square empty on a rush hour. Creepy. Reminds me of the Warriors which they filmed in here.

Still empty

Closed but the turned the system in just for me.

7th avenue looking south to Times Square

750 7th Avenue

Radio City. 50th and 6th Avenue. Looking south Rockettes?

51st and 6th ave heading north.

Radio city 51st and 6 th looking east

Cold statues 52nd and 6th.

Central park view.

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