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Pic of the day: Preacher asks the question, Brixton

Walk through the centre of Brixton on any given day and you can guarantee there’ll be some religious types hollering the Word of God in your ear ‘ole.

The traditional hotspots for Godsquad shouting are the corner of Coldharbour Lane /Brixton Road (sometimes with added Korean bagpipe action), outside the tube station and in the street by Electric Avenue.

Apart from the fella who endlessly walks around the market area clutching a Bible and quoting random passages, perhaps our favourite was the megaphone-toting Phil ‘Sinner or Winner?’ Howard who is currently bothering people further afield.

This guy seen outside the Iceland supermarket was more low key than most and I was rather grateful for it – anyone who’s heard the tone-deaf shouty Irish woman in full foghorn mode by the H&Ms will appreciate his laid back approach.

A proud looking chap, his hand-stencilled banner asks the question, “Do we really understand the Trinity?” Is Jesus Christ the Almighty God?”.

I don’t think any passers by were interested enough to answer.