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Pistol packin’, bucking bronco, cider swillin’ scenes from Boomtown’s Wild West

One of my favourite areas in Boomtown is the Wild West, where an awful load of work must go into constructing a wonderfully detailed facsimile of a frontier town, complete with jail, bars, an old mine and station.

The district is described as “…an almighty powerhouse of thigh slapping, Stetson slinging, cider swigging sounds with the very best in folk, roots, world, hillbilly and a whole lot of Yeehaaaa!”

A stand of outside Shotgun Willies.

A suspect is rounded up.

The Wrong Side Of The Tracks station, Blazing Saddles and Sour’n’Mash.

Looking down the main drag.

Crazy Calamities venue.

Top notch graffiti.

The station.

Several hopefuls chanced their luck on the Bucking Bronco. All of the ended up eating dirt.

Man down to the sound of laughter from his girlfriend.

The inner secret workings of the Bucking Bronco controls.

Visiting doctors.

The superb Beans On Toast plays the Old Mine.

The Bank.

A gunslinger takes a nap.

Night views.

The locomotive inside the station.

Card game in progress.

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