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Pullens Yards Winter Open Studios, Elephant & Castle, London SE17

Pullens Yards – taking in Clements Yard (above), Iliffe Yard and Peacock Yard – held their Winter Open Studios last weekend, with clothing, jewellery, ceramics, fine art, furniture, books and photography on offer.

Located near Elephant and Castle,  Pullens Yards were created in the 1850s as ‘live to work’ spaces, with the workshops still home to a diverse range of established arts and craft businesses.

Around the three yards, you can find potters, painters, furniture designers, architects, a lovely cafe and even a lute maker.

Yard Sale Project in Clements Yard.

I couldn’t work out how to open this curious cabinet. The cabinetmaker had stuck a great big arrow pointing to the base of the thing but the expected button or catch was nowhere to be seen. So I opened it from the top and he told me off.

Inside a first floor studio.

Gordon W Robertson’s finely crafted etched metalwork.

Peacock yard entrance.

Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris, lutemakers.

Lovely old Rover.

Taking it easy.

They had owls out on display. OWLS! I love them!

Stone carvers.

Artist space.

Traditionally, Pullens Yards has Open Days in June and December every year. Check out their website for details and updates.

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