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London busker bashes out the beats on a drum kit made from a bicycle

Seen bashing away in Hills Place near Oxford Circus on a drum kit mounted on a specially adapted bicycle is the busker known as Puncture Kit.

Spotted on Saturday afternoon spectacularly failing to attract the attention of two passing coppers, the drummer has been plying his trade around London for some time now, and creates an impressive racket with his cyclo-mini-kit combo.

His cunning set up involves removing the front wheel to set up the drum kit and it forms a pint-sized alternative to the kits described in this article: Building and buying an extra small, super-portable drum kit for gigging drummers.

It looks like Puncture Kit is doing quite well too, because his bike and drum kit seem to have improved a fair bit over the years.

Read more about the fella on his MySpace page (yes, MySpace – someone is still using it!)