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Punky neon galore at the Lights of Soho, Brewer Street, London W1

Describing itself as ‘the global home of creative neon and light art formats,’ Lights of Soho is a new art gallery and member’s lounge, located in the heart of the west end creative community.

Appropriately sited next to a sex shop displaying its own neon signs, the Lights of Soho can be found on Brewer Street, W1.

The current exhibition shows off some of the emerging talents in light art.

Illuminati Neon draws on 1970s punk/new wave, using vintage flags, distressed wood and punk imagery to create statements that “make you smile, laugh and think.”

Matt Mackman (aka M3) creates work based around the theme of 24 hour advertising.

Deepa Mann-Kler took inspiration from balloon dogs to create the striking window display.

The venue includes a bar and members lounge.

Lights of Soho
35 Brewer Street
020 7183 2003

Admission free.