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Reclaim the Beach party on the River Thames, April 23rd 2011

I’ve been to quite a few of the free Reclaim the Beach parties and always had a great time.

Taking place on the foreshore near Waterloo, the free party is a semi legal affair that involves lots of dancing and drinking, with a sound system being brought on to the sandy beach. As the tide slowly comes in, the dance floor contracts!.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make last night’s party, but the the lovely Adacia Bryers and urban75 poster ‘Fingers’ obliged with some fab snaps to give you a flavour of the event.

Find out more about the Reclaim the Beach events here: Reclaim the Beach homepage and discuss this event on our boards.

Here’s how the night was billed online:

Thames Beach Party : Reclaim the Beach http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2404964496

Location : Thames shore, just outside the Royal Festival Hall
Date / Time : 23rd April 2011 – 9.30pm onwards

Hello fellow beach revelers,

This Saturday. Better than the last one, and the last one was the kind of party that made everyone look forward to being really old just so they could impress their grandkids with the tale. This party will be the one those grandkids will have already heard about and lived through themselves via a brain meld with whoever had the best time. If this turns out to be you keep us informed and we’ll make sure the brain meld mentors of tomorrow know where to come knocking.

The line up:

Tom Bobble – Dropping tunes so rare fat French gastronomes often lie in ambush eager to eat them. The kind of set everyone needs in their life. It’ll make you happy.

The Boy Dan Good – He has the kind of Electro House that makes you want to move in next door and bake him a cake. His Electro House went up by the Ginger Bread House and all the cool kids stopped getting eaten.

DJ Phage – A mish mash of the best that can happen on a set of decks anywhere in Christendom. Jesus Christ tried to book Phage for his homecoming but then God demanded he be allowed to MC and everyone thought that was a bad idea because of his silly high pitched voice and they shelved it.

James Bolo – Just when you think you couldn’t be any happier or enjoy music any more, in will come Bolo with some old school rave grooves that will throw a whole new level of bounce into your jumping and grinding and smiling and binding.

Millz – Him of the hills. It was important that we found someone to finish off a night of this calibre in true rocking and raving style. Millz was the natural choice.

Cheers all,
The Reclaim the Beach Crew.

[Reclaim the Beach homepage] [Discuss this event on our boards].