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Regent Street bedecked with Union Jacks as ghastly Royal Wedding looms closer

Let me get one thing out of the way before I start: being Welsh, the Union flag means precious little to me (there’s not even a hint of the Red Dragon in its composition), but there is something strangely uplifting about the rows of flags along Regent Street in central London.

I think I’ve worked out why I like them too: the red, white and blue above the streets seem evocative of VE Day (that’s when Nazi Germany surrendered in WW2) and that day – by just about any account – can surely only be seen as a Good Day.

That said, I really couldn’t give even a quarter of a hoot about the forthcoming marriage – in fact, we’re putting on two fun packed anti-royal parties in downtown Brixton so we can avoid the entire thing by being drunk for most of the time.

That’s not to say that we’re not getting into the spirit of things in our own way – on Sunday, the urban75 Craft Club convened to create some wonderful Anarchist Bunting – check out the evidence: Anarchist bunting takes shape at the Brixton Frontline of Buntline.

Here’s a view looking down Regent Street towards Piccadilly Circus.

A last look of the flag festival. They’d look better if they were Welsh flags, mind.