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Exhaust fumes hang in the air as the Bus Cavalcade heads off towards Oxford Circus, London

After the day-long Bus Calvacade in Regent Street, we got to see some of these fine old vehicles fire up their engines and head home, passing Oxford Circus on their way.

Here’s some photos of the buses on the move. For more details on the individual buses please check out this feature:

It was funny how instantly recognisable the rumble of these old engines was.

The buses slowly made their way up the road.

As the buses paused, a few folks would jump in front to pose for pictures.

RT 2775 gets underway.

This globe-trotting bus toured the USA and Canada in 1952 to promote tourism to Britain.

The buses worked their way through the busy crowds.

The older buses all had exposed cabs.

Looking up towards Oxford Circus.

There was a lot of exhaust coming from the some of the vintage buses!

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