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Say no to Cardiff City FC corporate rebranding and sign the petition

It looks like Cardiff City really are going to ignore the wishes of their fans and push through the unwanted  rebranding of the club in return for a fat £100m foreign investment.

At the behest of our Malaysian investors, we’re going to see a hundred years of tradition going out the window, with the blue strip and Bluebird logo changing to a red strip and red dragon badge because – apparently – people find those colours prettier in the Far East.

So we’re trading tradition for – at best – a future of mid table mediocrity in the Premiership.

I’d rather hang on to our traditions, culture, soul and identity and  play in the fucking Conference than have us dress up pretty for the investors.

It’s obvious that the club don’t give a flying fuck what the fans think, but I’ve signed the petition here. Please do the same.

Oh, and click here for a bigger version of the graphic above, which you’re free to use.