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Scarves, flags, graffiti and stickers – Cardiff street photos

Here’s a selection of street scenes snapped around Cardiff last weekend. Above you can see one of the many scarf and flag sellers that roll into town whenever there’s a big game on.

Wales were playing Italy in a friendly rugby international match, so the city was plastered with the two country’s flags. Happily, Wales went on to win 23-19, although they suffered a major setback as two of their key players left the field injured.

Statue of John Batchelor (1820-83) ‘The Friend of Freedom,’ in The Hayes.

Created by the sculptor James Milo Griffith and unveiled on 16 October 1886, the statue commemorates the work of the Newport-born, Cardiff based Liberal politician who campaigned against slavery.

Batchelor’s political activities meant that he was constantly rubbing up the all-powerful Bute family, so much so that a petition of 1,200 names was raised in opposition to the statue after his death in 1883.

Roof detail of the Principality Buildings in Queen Street.

There’s some striking architecture in Cardiff. This building is in Queen Street.

Another scarf seller, draped in a Welsh flag and donning a sheep hat.

Scarves for the controversial Wales vs Israel football fixture on the following day were also on sale.

Street performer in Queen Street.

Getting painted before the rugby match.

Scarf seller on the move

Cleaning up the boat pool on Queen Street.

Strange and rather disturbing graffiti at the end of Queen Street: “I’m only fourteen (help)”.

Old Valley Lines railway advert is revealed on the bridge across Newport Road by Queen Street.

Kick Racism Out Of Racists sticker. 🙂

Graffiti off Partridge Road.

Graffiti for Cardiff Deaf Centre.

Caroline Street at night.

Happy chap.

The Hayes at night.

Owain Glyndwr pub.

Dodgy looking building job on Albany Road.

Closed shop.


Stone work, Newport Road.

The other side of the railway bridge over Newport Road.

New Theatre, Cardiff’s oldest surviving theatre.

At the time of its construction in 1906, the Runtz and Ford-designed building boasted the largest stage in the country.

Cardiff City fans ahead of the crucial Israel match.

Lovely flowers in Gorsedd Gardens.

Cardiff City Hall.

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