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Small Batch Coffee, Jubilee Street, Brighton serves up a winning brew

There’s not shortage of decent places to grab a good coffee in cosmopolitan Brighton, but one of the finest I’ve found so far is Small Batch Coffee  in Jubilee Street.

The place is pretty large for a coffee bar, but the atmosphere was pleasant, and there seemed a good mix of people inside.

Next to the counter is what looks like the bench of a chemistry lab, with strange hubbly bubbly glass devices demanding a closer look.

It turns out that this arrangement is called a syphon bar, and it’s the kind of thing that mad-for-it coffee aficionados love, as they can watch their coffee being lovingly created IN FRONT OF THEIR VERY EYES.

Next to the chemistry lab is a display packed with delightful looking beautiful looking pastries, cookies, sandwiches, brownies and cakes. I had an apple-flavoured  flat biscuit thing and it really was particularly delicious.

Small Batch Coffee Company run six outlets around Brighton, with this large one at Jubilee Street branch being the flagship store.

More info:

17 Jubilee Street, Brighton. BN1 1GE
01273 697597
Opening Hours
Mon-Saturday 7am-7pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays 8am-6pm