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Southampton 2 Cardiff City 2

The offer of a free ticket sent me hurtling down south to enjoy a day wandering about the, err, highly variable architecture of Southampton – a WW2 bomb-blasted city with a bland 60s city centre stuffed to the gills with shopping malls and multinationals.

But I wasn’t here to make notes on post-modernist brutalist architecture and failed 1960s redevelopment schemes – I was to get pissed and cheer on the mighty City!

Seeing as I was with a couple of Southampton chums, I remained ‘undercover’ as we fuelled up in a couple of boozers before wandering off to their shiny St Mary’s Stadium.

Once inside I had to suffer the emotional turmoil of sitting with the enemy and trying not to attract attention to myself while every bone in my body implored me to leap up and shout, “Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooobirds!”

The boys went 2-0 down but equalised with just 5 minutes to go. Joy!
Match report

I loved this advert in the Southampton programme too!