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Space 1026 gallery, Philadelphia

Situated in the heart of Philadelphia and only a short walk from the City Hall, is the Space 1026 gallery and workshop.

It’s not an ‘official’ gallery as such, but more of a collective space used by artists, although even their own website seems confused as to what they actually are:

Space 1026 is a community – a creative community – not an institution.

Or you could try and pull some postmodern shit and say Space 1026 does not exist; but then you‘d have to do some explaining to the mice that eat our leftovers every night.

Space 1026 is not a collaboration! Yes it is! No its not! Yes it is! Exactly.

Whatever it is, we popped in to say hello and have a look around and found a friendly bunch of artists inside.

Anyway, here’s some photos.

More Philadelphia pics here:: Philadelphia photos. More to come soon!