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Spiritual Messages From Margaret Thatcher via Happy Science – unprecedented scoop!

I was a little surprised to find this poster advertising an ‘unprecedented scoop’ in the form of ‘spiritual messages from Margaret Thatcher’.

The poster was stuck outside the ‘Happy Science’ temple on Margaret Street, in London’s West End.

Happy Science is a religious and spiritual movement founded in Japan in 1986 by Master Ryuho Okawa, and claims to be “the most influential and the fastest growing religion” in that country.

Okawa reckons that within 24 hours of death, a person’s soul and body are still connected through a silver cord, so was able to strike up a chat from beyond the grave with Thatcher within 19 hours of her kicking the bucket.

Here’s a snippet:

Former Prime Minister Thatcher, Puzzled by the Sudden Summoning

–Are you aware that you passed away yesterday?

Thatcher What? I’m still alive.

–No, you were in bed last night, and you suffered a stroke. Perhaps you felt pain.

Thatcher But I feel no pain now. Why? I don’t know, but I’m curious. Japan, you said? Japan?

–Everyone in Japan admires your performance as the British prime minister, and we’re very happy to talk to you. We’re really grateful.

–You are still the Iron Lady?

Thatcher Yes, the Iron Lady. I’m not very kind, and I have a short temper. I’m sorry. I get angry very quickly. So, I’m not just the Iron Lady, Hot Iron Lady would be the more correct explanation or expression.

Come on opposition party, bring it on!

The (ahem) ‘interview’ goes on to talk about The Falklands, the failure of the EU and ends with this sage advice from Dead Thatch, “Don’t use Chinese Yuan, American Dollars, or any other currencies if you wish to stay independent.”

It’s a shame that Mr Okawa didn’t tell the ‘Hot Iron Lady’ about the great party that was going on in Brixton.

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