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St George Wharf Tower (the Vauxhall Tower) in south London nears completion

At 50 floors, the St George Wharf Tower will be the tallest residential building in the UK, and the build on the south bank of the Thames by Vauxhall, central London is now nearing completion.

Sadly, the tower is already linked to two deaths after a helicopter crashed into the crane at the top of the construction in January 2013. Both the pilot and a pedestrian at street level lost their lives.

Gaining planning permission after considerable controversy, the development is certainly one that can be filed under “not for the likes of us,” with the exclusive apartments at the top going for sky high prices. if you’re rich enough, you can even have an entire floor to yourself.

The tower’s hoity-toity website boasts of offering an “extraordinary level of service is available to all residents,” with a dedicated concierge on hand to “manage your day-to-day requirements, from arranging a dinner party to acquiring tickets to the theatre or a sporting event.”

Which must be nice.

In a bid to promote its green credentials, there’s supposed to be some sort of ‘eco’ wind turbine stuck at the top of the tower, although excuse me if I remain supremely cynical about the usefulness of that one  (see: the rarely spinning turbines of the Strata Tower, south London).

Read more on the official website.