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St Pancras: brown bowler hatted football stand off

These kids were enjoying a kick about on the newly restored space outside St Pancras station, when this fella in the natty brown bowler told them to shove orf and take their ball with them. Here’s the back story:

Mr Brown Bowler Hat spies a kick about taking place and strides determinedly towards the action.

Mr Brown Bowler Hat asks them to stop immediately. Unhappy with the request, the kids’ father decides to argue the toss asking – not unreasonably – what harm they were doing.

A stand off follows, but Mr Brown Bowler Hat was not in the mood to compromise, and moments later the football gang reluctantly cleared off.

His sport-crushing work done, Mr Brown Bowler Hat heads back from whence he came.

[Photo features on St Pancras station and the Midland Hotel]