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St Patrick’s night in Brixton – ceilidhs, Sambucas, ales and a massive hangover

Man oh man this turned out to be a hell of a night. The first stop was a well-packed Prince Albert on Coldharbour Lane before walking up towards Stockwell for some full on ceilidh dancing action at the Grosvenor on Sidney Road.

Fuelled by lashings of ale and a curious alcoholic concoction purporting to be a ‘St Patrick’s Day Shot,’ we soon found ourselves giving it moderately large on the dance floor, strutting, nay stumbling, along to the wondrous jigs from the fine band.

I’m not exactly a ceilidh connoisseur*, but I am rather partial to thundering along the dance floor in the spinning feast that is the “Strip the willow” dance. Much fun!

(*a bit of an understatement, that).

Next stop was the Dogstar which was a whole heap of fun. And very, very alcoholic!

Guinness hat alert!

Next stop was the Brixton Bar and Grill, of which I have precious little memory and no photos.

What a night!