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Street scenes, rain, sales and street performers, Cardiff photos, Dec 2015

According to the Met Office, Cardiff is Britain’s wettest city, registering 115cms of rainfall every year, and there was plenty of evidence to support that claim over the Christmas period.

Here’s a set of photos from my wanders around the rain-lashed capital.

A look inside the bus.

I don’t think you’ll need a degree in Welsh to work this one out.

More rain.

Caroline Street (aka Chippy Alley) looked strangely quiet in this Christmas Eve shot.

Signs galore.

Posing for a photo.

String orchestra performing carols in John Lewis department store.

Check out the dude with the shades.

Looking for a bargain.

In the arcades.

It’s disappointing to note that the age-old tradition of depositing amusing objects on the arm and head of the John Batchelor statue in The Hayes seems to have been lost.

The austere exterior of St David’s Hall in Cardiff.

A look at the Joke Shop in the High Street Arcade.

NYE posters.

Queen Street always has a host of buskers plying their trade.

A chat by the House Of Chocolate, Cardiff.

Yes, more rain.

The statue of Aneurin Bevan MP – founder of the NHS and all-round Welsh hero – stands at the west end of Queen Street looking over Cardiff castle.

Lost sign by Cardiff Castle.

1950s artwork on Boots, Queen Street.

Bassoon-wielding busker, Queen Street,

Keith The Fish.

Fireman’s switch.


Closed church.

Alliance, a 25-metre-high (82 ft) sculpture in the centre of Cardiff, was created by Paris installation artist Jean-Bernard Métais. []

Kids love the challenge of finding how high they can clamber up the metal sculpture before inevitably sliding back to earth.

St Mary Street lights.

Cardiff Castle with Christmas tree and lights.

Boxing Day and more rain. An entrepreneurial street trader has a host of brollies ready to sell.

Another bassoon busker.

Red poppies on a tree in St John’s Churchyard Gardens.

Window shopping in the arcades.

A rainy scene in the Hayes.

Tony’s chip shop in Chippy Alley.

Artwork by Wood Street.

God knows what all this developer-speak bollocks is all about, but I’m pretty sure it should also say, “Rent squared” too…