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Street signs, stickers and graffiti, London July 2010

A collection of street signs and graffiti seen around London.  Can’t complain about the sentiments contained in this sticker seen near Carnaby Street, W1.

Keep off the bulk timbers!

Old book pages stuck on a door.


Now that’s a bill I’d like to see.

Happy plums near Blackfriars Road.

Bee happy.

Old bloke passes the happy plums.

Hello? Union Street, SE1.

Cross Bones Graveyard, SE1- a medieval unconsecrated graveyard for prostitutes (called ‘Winchester Geese’ at the time because they were licensed by the Bishop of  Winchester).

By the 18th century it had become a paupers’ burial ground, which finally closed in 1853. A decorated shrine has now sprung up on the site.
More info: crossbones.org.uk

What’s that about Big Dave (look closer).

Old – and rather rare – Penfold Hexagonal postbox on Devonshire Road, Forest Hill.

These were the standard design for UK Post Office boxes between 1866–1879.

Outside Brixton police station.

One of many bizarre slogan covered plant pots that regularly appear outside Brixton police station.

Shop poster inside Brixton Village (Granville Arcade).