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The Brixton Barrier Block squirrel and its wire chewing antics: now it’s WAR!

A couple of weeks ago, I was rather amused at the sight of a squirrel scurrying around my balcony, nine floors up over Brixton.

“How cute!” I thought, swiftly snapping off a photo that proved popular online.

Well, now the cuteness is over, as I’ve seen the damage it’s caused on my balcony.

The  little fucking rat with a bushy tail has chewed away at my fairy lights, taking out a big chunk of cable and biting off individual lights. The bastard.

Like rats, squirrels’ teeth grow very fast and they have to continuously sharpen and shorten them by chewing on hard things like twigs – and electrical wire.

Apparently, this is quite commonplace and there’s even a website dedicated to their antics: Squirrels Ate My Wiring.

This is war

Now crack squirrels I don’t mind, but when they start taking out my lovely solar-powered fairy lights, war gets declared.

So now I’ve got find a way to arm the resistance.  Anyone got any ideas?

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