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The changing London skyscraper skyline: Brixton views

We’ve got a pretty good view across London from our Brixton penthouse (cough) suite, and I’m loving watching the skyline change around the city.

Above you can see the Strata tower block with its distinctive wind turbine roof.

Annoyingly, the flats on Barrington Road, Brixton, obscure our view of the fabulous Gherkin, so we can only see the tip of its roof peeking over the rooftops.

In the centre is the rapidly growing central core of The Shard and to the left is the newly-constructed Heron tower (110 Bishopgate), crowned by its US-style  tall mast.

To the left of the Heron Tower, you can just make out the roof of Tower 42, which was the tallest building in the UK when it opened in 1981 – a record it held until the topping out of One Canada Square in the Docklands in 1990.

A closer view.

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