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The faces of Boomtown festival 2015 – photos

Boomtown 2015 proved to be the best one I’ve ever been to, with some amazing acts and all the usual imagination and fun that is created by performers and the crowd.

Here’s a selection of photos taken as I stumbled around the site over the weekend. There will be lots more photos to come from this year’s festival, and you can check out loads of  images from previous Boomtown events here.

In the Wild West.

Gold. Always believe in your soul. Not entirely sure what that means, but seeing as it came from the mouth of Tony Hadley it must be Very Deep Indeed.

Hula Hooping downtown.

In the Devil Kicks tent.

A glassy orb. And why not.

Crowd scene.

In the Town Square.

A very well dressed man.

Sharing a fruity snack.

In the woods.

A shaved head after the paint fight.

Glittery beards.

Taking in the view.

Taking things easy.


Our lovely friends at the Zebar.

The Man from Majestic!

Late night in the hotel.

Getting close to the bass bins.

In the (G) Rave Yard.

Taking it easy in the Wild West.

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