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The madness of Boomtown Fair 2013 – full photo report online

Once again, Boomtown proved to be my favourite festival of the year, serving up a wonderfully chaotic mix of music, performance art and Gawdknowswhatelse.

Unlike many festivals, Boomtown isn’t centred around big bands and superstars, but about little happenings around the site, which had been magically transformed into a large town with rows of façades lining the streets.

By hook or by crook I’m going to endeavour to put on a stage there next year!

Here’s a selection of some photos from the main Boomtown 2013 feature on urban75.

Butchers of Boom.

Boombox arena.

The incredible Arcadia fire breathing machine.

In the woods.

Junior hula hoop champ!

The Lion’s Den stage was nothing short of awesome.

Heading downtown.

Around the town.

Boomtown people
Snaps of Boomtown partygoers

Uptown and Downtown
Scenes from around the bustling Boomtown

Lions Den
The stunning Aztec temple stage

Night photos
Boomtown at night when things get a little crazy

Photos from the festival
Random shots taken around the site

Even madder than it sounds

The Magic Carpet
Admire the festival travelator

Boomtown festival chat
Tell us about your Boomtown on this busy thread (over 830 replies!)

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