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The madness of the Job Centre at Boomtown Fair 2015

One of my favourite parts of Boomtown was the Job Centre in the Old Town.

Substantially enlarged since last year, the new Job Centre was fully kitted out with advisers, interview booths, waiting areas, white boards, photocopying machines, watercooler and more.

The attention to detail was fantastic and the chaos inside the centre was a joy to behold.

Job seekers wait to be processed. Note the xylophone.

“Boomtown Jobcentre was successfully unveiled to Old Town last year, with our dedicated team of mindless drones processing many feckless layabouts and moulding them into productive citizens.”

In depth interview in progress.

Two more applicants take their place.

Questions are asked.

Job seeker posters.

Warning notice.

An applicant tries to fill in the questionnaire with water colours.

Busy scenes at job seekers wait their turn to be interviewed.

A situation breaks out in one of the interview booths.

Security takes care of the disturbance.

This fella perhaps got a little too “in character” in his role as a G4Life Security chap.

A couple more scenes inside the Job Centre. Sadly, I missed their Christmas party on the Sunday.

Job Centre at night.

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