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The Monochrome Set entertain London Dingwalls, April 2012

In what’s rapidly turning into an annual event, long-serving indie popsters The Monochrome Set played a superb set to a packed house at London’s Dingwalls last night.

Here’s some photos from the show.

The support act was interesting enough but made the fatal error of playing too ruddy long.

The Monochrome Set from the sound desk.

There’s a fantastic PA at Dingwalls – really top notch –  although its layout means that you get a great sound in the  middle, but less so on the edges and the back.

Although usually the cue for a swift return to the bar, the Monochrome Set introduced a suite of new songs from their upcoming album, which actually proved to be very, very good indeed.

We had the privilege of DJing the show and had a heap of fun, although I’m still a tad miffed at the undue haste in which the management declared the venue closed after the band had finished.

They had the audacity – audacity, I tell ye – to cut off Liberace’s spine-tingling, ivory-rattling rendition of ‘Roll Out The Barrel’  mid-song. Unforgivable. The Heathens.

[Monochrome Set site]