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The not-so-brilliant burning hat flipping busker of Edinburgh – in photos

Big on enthusiasm but perhaps a little wanting in the skill and entertainment departments, this tenacious street busker was seen in action in Edinburgh on Monday afternoon.

Setting up close to the tourist-luring castle in Edinburgh, this guy’s act involved him setting fire to the top of his hat and then flipping it up on to his head with his foot.

Despite him loudly announcing his upcoming performance, only a small crowd gathered in the street to watch the flaming hat spectacular.

With the hat just about ablaze, the busker prepares for the big moment.

And the hat is airborne!

Sadly, the act had some shortcomings. First off, the flames would constantly die out as soon as the hat was kicked into the air, which made the big flaming moment rather disappointing.

The other major problem was that he’d often fail to land the hat on his head, so baffled onlookers would essentially be watching a man kick a hat about in the street.

Undeterred by the underwhelming crowd response, the determined busker started a new act which involved a straitjacket.

We didn’t have chance to witness his escapologist skills but we wish him all the best. You can only admire this level of dedication.

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