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The Prawnucopia Lounge at Boomtown 2013. Like drugs, but with giant prawns

I’ve just got back from this year’s fabulous Boomtown festival with a head full of happy memories and a still-confused recollection of our visit to the Prawnucopia Lounge.

Located in Boomtown’s Chinatown district, there was a large and slow moving queue outside which piqued our interest.

Now, I normally hate standing about in queues but the looks on the faces of the people coming out (a mix of sheer horror, confusion and tears of laughter), suggested that this was a thing worth seeing. And it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s some photos. Don’t ask me to explain what was going on because I don’t think anyone knew – not even the people running the show.

Our prawny host.

Waiting for our prawn-based ‘treatments.’

Prawn egg manicure.

Prawn foot spa.

Things got a bit stranger at this point.

A couple being smoothed by giant prawns.

A (possibly) satisfied customer leaves.

I loved Prawnucopia. I still have no idea what the hell is what about mind, but it sure was a hoot!

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Loads more Bomtown photos to come soon!