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The plinth, the artist and contortionist, Trafalgar Square, May 2011

If you can’t get enough of street performers and bizarrely garbed people standing still for long periods of time, then the good news is that you no longer have to walk to Covent Garden and South Bank – it’s all heading to Trafalgar Square!

It seems that Trafalgar Square is not to be spared of painted people standing on boxes, clowns,  cartoonists, street performers and all the other tourist-troubling tosh seen around town.

I’ve never felt the urge to have a stranger draw a ‘witty’ caricature of me when I’m on holiday, but I guess there must be a demand for it, even if business looked a little light for the lady above.

Just to the left of her was some bloke painted in gold doing something that looked vaguely robotic, while another ‘human statue’ was doing, or rather not doing, their thing close by.

Their appeal continues to mystify me, but good luck to ’em.

Far more interesting to me is the fabulous “Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle” sculpture which stands on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square.

This delightful piece, unveiled on Monday 24 May 2010, was created by leading Anglo-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare. I love it.

All the fourth plinth exhibits are temporary – you can see what new pieces are coming up on the official site.