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Tottenham Court Road designer fail – in pictures

Architectural designer to client: “Hey, see that clearly visible metal railing that marks the ramp into your  shop entrance. You know, the one that sticks out into the really busy pedestrian thoroughfare?”

Client: “Why yes, I do know it. It is a bit old school and boring isn’t it?”

Designer: ” Exactly. Let’s make it modern and exciting and clad it in vibrant expensive toughened GLASS. And let’s get rid of that metal bit at the end. So dull!”

Client: “Yes! Yes! Glass is the future! Please get right on it and prepare a suitably large invoice for your vision.”

Several weeks later…

Client: “There’s a problem. Because it’s glass people keep walking up the ramp by mistake or walking straight into the end bit because it’s not easy to see. They’re hurting themselves too.”

Designer: “No problem. That’s easily fixed… (pulls out roll of cheap hazard tape and gets busy)…”

Designer: “There. Done. I’ll invoice you for the work later.”