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urban75 camping trip to WoWo in Sussex, September 2011

Our late summer/early autumn urban75 camping trip in Sussex turned out to be a heap of fun, with loads of singing around roaring fires, drinking beers and mulling over life’s complexities.

We stayed at the WoWo campsite near Sheffield Park, Sussex, with around 30 of us camping out for the weekend.

The weather was fantastic the whole time, and there was loads to do in the day, with the campsite being close to the Bluebell Railway and the National Trust’s Sheffield Park and Garden attraction.

Checking out the four moons of Jupiter.

Tuning up at breakfast.

In the woods.

Small child enjoying one of the many tree swings around the site.

Bigger child also enjoying the swing.

And an even bigger child!

Superhero gets facepalmed in the mud.

Wapsbourne Farm manor house.

Brixton folk shouters, the No Frills Band were part of our camp.

Enjoying the free soup on Saturday evening.

No Frills band playing the bandstand.

The kids sing a song or two.

Back at our campsite.

Sunday morning campfire.

Crossing the river.

Walking to the pub.

There was plenty of Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms in the woods.

The white-spotted red toadstool beloved of children’s book illustrators has been used by shamans in Siberia in small doses to induce trances, and also as an insecticide since medieval times.

Old steam engine outside The Sloop pub which is about 20 minutes walk from the site.

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