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We DJ for the Monochrome Set at Dingwalls, June 2011

Despite suffering an unfashionable amount of health scares recently, the Monochrome Set cheated death one more time to put on a fabulous performance at Camden’s Dingwalls – and we got to DJ the show!

Supporting the Mono Set were indie/art rockers, David Devant & his Spirit Wife from Brighton. I liked ’em.

Headliners The Monochrome Set take the stage. I love this band!

View from the DJ booth. Dingwalls somehow seemed a lot bigger than I remembered it.

I hadn’t been to Dingwalls for a couple of years, but it was definitely worth the trip.

The staff were friendly (the cheery bouncer deserves a special mention) and despite the DJ booth being the darkest I’ve ever worked in, everything sounded ace and no one threw any cans at us. Which has to be a good sign.

It was also nice to bump into Mr Dickon Edwards, who I believe is currently preparing a review of the show.

We’ll be DJing at the Offline Club at Prince Albert in Brixton this Friday, 17th June with the fabulous Lost Cavalry on stage – come down, it’s free!